Stay funky ride a Chunky Monkey

Short and wide is more common in today’s new school surfing. The Chunky Monkey is the closest thing to a skateboard on water and has been designed for an ultimate trick performance in riversurfing. This board incorporates a fish outline on a high performance short board bottom. Wider tail combined with a V gives you a lot of speed during your turnes. The nose and tail rocker has been slightly lifted to allow tighter turnes. The Chunky Monkey has a fuller nose, great during re-entry manouvers like 360ies. This board pushes the boundaries of riversurfing.

Vorgeschlagene Maße Chunky Monkey

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4'8"17 1/4"1 15/16"17.2ja
4'10"17 3/4"1 15/16"18.2Ja
5'0"18 1/2"2"20.3ja
5'2"19"2" 1/1622.3ja
5'3"19 1/4"2 1/8"23.7ja
5'4"19 7/16"2 1/8"24.4ja
5'5"19 3/4"2 3/16"25.8ja
5'6"19 7/8"2 3/16"26.4ja

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